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Product Warranty

Consolidated Product Warranty
All-In-One Base Metal and Coating Coverage


Metal Alliance has streamlined the warranty process by combining all warranty terms and coverages into one easy-to-understand warranty. The Consolidated Limited Product Warranty† by Roofing Warranty, LLC covers all base metal and protective coating products you purchase from Metal Alliance including painted Galvalume, painted aluminum and acrylic-coated Galvalume.

One-Time Sign-Up. One Document. One Warranty.

With the Consolidated Limited Product Warranty, there is no need to keep up with different documents for different warranty coverages. After your first paid in full order, simply complete the One-Time Request to Activate Warranty. A warranty agreement will be issued to you for your review, and once you have accepted the terms of your warranty and returned to Roofing Warranty, all subsequent purchases you make from Metal Alliance will be covered. As your customers' installations with Metal Alliance products are completed, simply register an Installation Summary online within 60 days. That’s it!  As long as your account is in good standing, the materials for that project will be covered under the terms of your warranty. 


Up to 50 years  coverage against coating chipping, cracking, peeling, flaking or checking.

Up to 40 years  coverage against coating chalking and color fade.


Up to 25 years  coverage against metal rupture, perforation or structural failure.



SUBSTRATE: Steel and aluminum products from Metal Alliance will not rupture, fail structurally, or perforate as a result of corrosion caused by exposure to normal atmospheric conditions.

Copper not covered under the Consolidated Limited Product Warranty. Contact Metal Alliance representative for more information about copper warranty.

Protective metal coatings applied to steel and aluminum products from Metal Alliance are covered for the following:

FILM INTEGRITY: Coating will stay adhered to its metal substrate with no visible chipping, cracking, flaking, peeling or checking.

CHALK RESISTANCE: Coating surface will not chalk in excess of rating of 8 or 6 dependent on product selected.

FADE RESISTANCE: Coating color will not fade in excess of five (5)Hunter ΔE units.

Warranty Coverages Chart


Getting All-in-One Warranty Coverage is Easy! Follow the Steps Below to Start Your Coverage Today. 
All Metal Alliance customers who have completed and paid for at least one purchase, and remain in good standing, are eligible to be covered under the Consolidated Limited Product Warranty†. Just follow the step-by-step instructions below to initiate activation of your warranty today and start registering completed projects. You can also download a copy of the How-To-Guide for future reference. 

STEP 1: Request Warranty Coverage One-time sign up. One document. One warranty.


1a. Activate Warranty Online

1b. Sign & Submit Agreement

  • Upon receipt from Roofing Warranty, sign/date Consolidated Warranty Agreement.

  • Make a copy for your records.

  • Send original to Roofing Warranty as indicated.


Your Company is Covered

  • Go to Step 2 to register a specific project under your warranty.

STEP 2: Register Installation Summary for each project within 60 days of completion.


2a. Register Installation Summary Online

2b. Complete & Submit Installation Summary

  • Complete online form with project-specific information and certify your registration.  

  • Submit your completed Installation Summary.


Your Project is Registered

  • You'll receive a copy of your completed Installation Summary via email.

  • No further action is required.

  • You may let your customer know the
    materials for their project are covered.

Roofing Warranty does not issue project-specific warranty certificates.




REPEAT STEP 2 for Each Completed Installation

Register an Installation Summary within 60 days of each completed installation to apply coverage under the terms of your Consolidated Limited Product Warranty.


To ensure the products you buy from Metal Alliance are covered by the Consolidated Limited Product Warranty, it is important that Proof of Traceability is established for each installation of products. In the event of a claim, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide Proof of Traceability, including but not limited to providing accurate coil Lot #s and/or Mill Tag #s that match the information provided in the project’s Installation Summary.

  All customer purchases are eligible for the Consolidated Limited Product Warranty as long as the customer is in good standing.   An Installation Summary must be submitted for each project within 60 days of completion to be covered.   The Consolidated Limited Product Warranty is not transferrable, and Roofing Warranty, LLC does not issue project-specific warranty documentation. Customers wishing to provide installers or building owners with warranty documentation should issue their own warranties.






When You Have a Warranty Claim
In the unlikely event a product you purchase from Metal Alliance does not perform to the level covered by the Consolidated Limited Product Warranty†, there are a few steps you should follow to submit a claim.  Since possible deficiencies need to be reported within 10 days of being identified, it’s important to understand your responsibilities during the claims process.

What You’ll Need to Start a Claim

  • A copy of the Installation Summary you registered when the project was completed.

  • All project records, including relevant invoice and mill tag information.

  • Be prepared to provide a detailed description and clear photos indicating the problem.

The Consolidated Limited Product Warranty does not cover copper. For assistance with a copper claim, contact Metal Alliance at 772-529-6255.

Ready to Start a Claim? What You Can Expect from the Process. 
To get started, review the steps below to get familiar with Roofing Warranty’s Consolidated Limited Product Warranty Claim process. 


STEP 1: Report Claim

To initiate a warranty claim, you must first report it using the online Report Warranty Claim form within 10 days of the defect or deficiency becoming known. All warranty claims must be reported using this online form. Upon receipt, your request will be reviewed to verify coverage. You will receive confirmation of eligibility from Roofing Warranty via email (usually within 3 business days), along with next steps. While waiting for warranty eligibility confirmation, be sure you have collected all relevant installation and product information, as well as any evidence to support your claim. It is the customer’s responsibility to present Proof of Traceability, including but not limited to providing Metal Alliance product Lot #s and/or Mill Tag #s upon request.


STEP 2: Complete Claim Application
Once Roofing Warranty, LLC has confirmed that the installation for which you are reporting a claim is eligible for coverage, you will receive a Claim Application form requesting additional information. This form must be completed and returned to Roofing Warranty, LLC within 30 days of defect or deficiency becoming known. Be sure to complete the Claim Application in its entirety to avoid processing delays. Include as much detailed information as possible, including high-quality photos, proof of traceability and any other information that you believe would be helpful in evaluating your claim.

STEP 3: Investigation
Upon receiving the completed Claim Application, Roofing Warranty may arrange for a field inspection, or depending on the claim and the information provided, may be able to complete their investigation without an inspection. If an inspection is required, you will be notified within 3 business days of receipt of your completed application.

STEP 4: Claim Determination
Once the investigation is complete and a determination as to whether or not the claim is covered under warranty has been made, you will be notified. This usually takes 2-3 weeks. If the Claim is within coverage, Roofing Warranty, LLC will proceed with a remedy in accordance with the terms of your Consolidated Limited Product Warranty Agreement. If the Claim is not a warrantable condition, you will be notified that the claim is denied, including the findings that led to that determination.

Need Help With a Claim? Contact Roofing Warranty at

†Consolidated Limited Product Warranty offered by Roofing Warranty, LLC. Metal Alliance Supply, LLC does not issue, sell, underwrite or participate in any warranties provided by or sold by Roofing Warranty, LLC. For full warranty details, including eligibility and exclusions, contact Roofing Warranty, LLC. Copper not covered under Consolidated Limited Product Warranty. Contact Metal Alliance representative for more information about copper warranty. Warranty availability and terms are subject to change without notice at any time.  Tedlar® is a registered trademark of affiliates of DuPont de Nemours, Inc. and is used under license by Titan Steel Corporation and its affiliate Metal Alliance. MagnaGuard™ is a registered trademark of Metal Alliance Supply LLC.

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