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Consolidated Warranty Process

Getting All-in-One Warranty Coverage is Easy!

How the Consolidated Limited Product Warranty Works

One-Time Sign Up. One Document. One Warranty.

Metal Alliance has streamlined the warranty process by combining all metal and finish warranty coverage and terms into one easy-to-understand warranty. The Consolidated Limited Product Warranty covers all base steel and aluminum products we sell, as well as all applicable paint and film protective metal coatings we offer.

Once your company is covered by the Consolidated Limited Product Warranty, simply register the details of each completed installation of products you purchase and it will be covered under the terms of your consolidated warranty agreement. 

Need Help Getting Started?

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to activate your warranty today and learn how to register product installations, or Download the How-To Guide.


1a. Activate Warranty Online

1b. Sign & Submit Agreement

  • Upon receipt, sign/date Consolidated Warranty Agreement.

  • Make a copy for your records.

  • Send original to Roofing Warranty as indicated.


STEP 1: Request Warranty Coverage

One-time sign up. One document. One warranty.


2a. Register Installation Summary Online

2b. Complete & Submit Installation Summary

  • Complete online form with project-specific information.  

  • Submit your completed Installation Summary.


STEP 2: Register Installation Summary

for each project within 60 days of completion.

Congratulations! Project is Registered

  • You'll receive a copy of your completed Installation Summary via email.

  • No further action is required.

  • You may provide warranty to your customer.



Congratulations! Your Company is Covered

  • Go to Step 2 to register a specific project under your warranty.



Note: Roofing Warranty does not issue project-specific warranty certificates.


REPEAT STEP 2 for Each Completed Installation

Register an Installation Summary within 60 days of each completed installation to apply coverage under the terms of your Consolidated Limited Product Warranty.

  All customer purchases are eligible for the Consolidated Limited Product Warranty as long as the customer is in good standing.   An Installation Summary must be submitted for each project within 60 days of completion to be covered.   Roofing Warranty, LLC does not issue project-specific  warranty documentation. Customers that wish to provide certification of warranty coverage and terms for a specific installation to an installer or building owner, may issue their own document using the warranty coverage and terms language in the Consolidated Limited Product Warranty document.





To ensure the products you buy from Metal Alliance are covered by the Consolidated Limited Product Warranty, it is important that Proof of Traceability is established for each installation of products. In the event of a claim, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide Proof of Traceability, including but not limited to providing accurate coil Lot #s and/or Mill Tag #s that match the information provided in the project’s Installation Summary.

†Consolidated Limited Product Warranty provided by Roofing Warranty, LLC. Metal Alliance Supply, LLC does not issue, sell, underwrite or participate in any warranties provided by or sold by Roofing Warranty, LLC. For full warranty details, including eligibility and exclusions, contact Roofing Warranty, LLC or Metal Alliance. Copper not covered under Consolidated Limited Product Warranty. Contact Metal Alliance representative for more information about copper warranty. Warranty availability is subject to change without notice at any time.

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