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Testing & Approvals 

Metal Alliance Performance Testing & Product Approvals

When selecting a metal roofing or metal wall panel system, homeowners, contractors and architects expect quality products and reliable performance. Although Metal Alliance does not manufacture metal roofing or metal wall panels, we do supply the metal coil and sheet metal used to make those products. And to ensure the products you make with metal from Metal Alliance deliver on the strength and durability you count on, we maintain an independent testing program to certify just that.

We rigorously test and retest a wide range of metal panels manufactured with steel, aluminum and copper supplied by Metal Alliance. From wind uplift and water penetration tests to testing resistance to UV rays, fire and salt corrosion, only products that meet or exceed strict ASTM standards are certified for use in metal panel roofing and wall systems.  Manufacturers and contractors that partner with us also have access to over 100 Florida Product Approvals with many qualifying under the more stringent criteria required in High-Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZs) like Miami-Dade, Florida.

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Learn more about the exacting standards Metal Alliance metal coil and sheet metal must meet to ensure superior performance.

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