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Consolidated Warranty Coverages

What's Covered by a Metal Roofing Warranty
Typically, a metal roof or metal wall system comes with two distinct product warranties. The first covers the metal substrate, while the second covers the paint or film that is applied to the metal as a protective coating. Both types of coverage guarantee a certain level of performance and provide protection from various failures.

Consolidated Limited Product Warranty 
Industry-Leading Metal and Coating Coverages
All-in-One Warranty

Metal Alliance has streamlined the warranty process by combining all warranty terms and coverages into one easy-to-understand warranty. The Consolidated Limited Product Warranty by Roofing Warranty, LLC covers all base metal and protective metal coating products you purchase from Metal Alliance including: • AZ50 (Galvalume®)• AZ55 (Acrylic-Coated Galvalume)• ZM150 (MagnaGuard™)

• AZ50 (Galvalume®)
• AZ55 (Acrylic-Coated Galvalume)
• ZM150 (MagnaGuard™)

• G-90
• Aluminum
• PVDF (Kynar 500

• PVF Film

Metal Protection Coverage
SUBSTRATE: Steel and aluminum products from Metal Alliance will not rupture, fail structurally, or perforate as a result of corrosion caused by exposure to normal atmospheric conditions.

Coating Protection Coverage

Protective metal coatings applied to steel and aluminum products from Metal Alliance are covered for the following:

FILM INTEGRITY: Coating will stay adhered to its metal substrate with no visible chipping, cracking, flaking, peeling or checking.

CHALK RESISTANCE: Coating surface will not chalk in excess of rating of 8 or 6 dependent on product selected.

FADE RESISTANCE: Coating color will not fade in excess of five (5)Hunter ΔE units.


†Consolidated Limited Product Warranty provided by Roofing Warranty, LLC. Metal Alliance Supply, LLC does not issue, sell, underwrite or participate in any warranties provided by or sold by Roofing Warranty, LLC. For full warranty details, including eligibility and exclusions, contact Roofing Warranty, LLC or Metal Alliance. Copper not covered under Consolidated Limited Product Warranty. Contact Metal Alliance representative for more information about copper warranty. Warranty availability is subject to change without notice at any time. Tedlar® is a registered trademark of affiliates of DuPont de Nemours, Inc. and is used under license by Titan Steel Corporation and its affiliate Metal Alliance. MagnaGuard™ is a registered trademark of Metal Alliance Supply LLC.

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