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You and your customers want lasting peace of mind that the metal panel roofing and wall systems you make with products from Metal Alliance will perform and look beautiful for years to come. That’s why we work closely with the industry’s leading suppliers to bring you the best base metal and finish warranty coverages in the business. With coverages up to 50 years† metal panel manufacturers, contractors and design professionals can always specify premium metal coil and sheet metal from Metal Alliance with confidence.

What's Covered by a Typical Metal Panel System Warranty

Typically, a metal roof or metal wall system comes with two distinct warranties. The first covers the metal substrate, while the second covers the paint or film that is applied to the metal as a protective coating. Both types of coverage guarantee a certain level of performance and provide protection from various failures.

Consolidated Limited Product Warranty 
from Metal Alliance

Industry-Leading Coverages – All in One Warranty!

Metal Alliance has streamlined the warranty process by combining all warranty terms and coverages into one easy-to-understand warranty. The Consolidated Limited Product Warranty† by Roofing Warranty, LLC covers all base metal and protective coating products you purchase from Metal Alliance including painted Galvalume, painted aluminum and acrylic-coated Galvalume.


Up to 50 years† coverage against coating chipping, cracking, peeling, flaking or checking.


Up to 25 years† coverage against metal rupture, perforation or structural failure.


Up to 40 years† coverage against coating chalking and color fade.

Industry-Leading Protective Coating and
Metal Coverages All-in-One Warranty




†Consolidated Limited Product Warranty provided by Roofing Warranty LLC. For full warranty details, including eligibility and exclusions, contact Roofing Warranty, LLC or Metal Alliance. Copper not covered under Consolidated Limited Product Warranty. Contact Metal Alliance representative for more information about copper warranty. Warranty availability is subject to change without notice at any time.

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